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Florida IBD (http://www.floridaibd.com) is the most preferred online business directory in the entire state of Florida in the United States. Since our launching in 2011, we have been receiving monthly traffic of up to 1 million hits, making us the fastest-growing online business directory and one of the top online destinations of Florida residents who are looking for products or services online.


FloridaIBD.com is FREE and effective. Business owners who have listed in our online directory claimed they have seen growth in their customer base, which resulted to profit gain. That’s exactly the purpose of this online business directory – to provide businesses with online presence in order to tap more customers and raise their profits.


Our online categories are created to allow all businesses in various industries to be listed.


Among the categories we have are: 


          - Home and Garden

          - Weddings and Ceremonies

          - Trades and Services

          - Shopping

          - Arts and  Entertainment

          - Industry and Agriculture

          - Business and Professional Services

          - Community and Government

          - Computers and Electronics

          - Food and Dining

          - Sports and Recreation

          - Animals and Pets

          - ... and a lot more


That means whatever legal business or profession you are into, you will be able to have your online presence through FloridaIBD.com


5-Minute Online Business Listing 


Yes, it takes 5 minutes or less to list your business or services with FloridaIBD.com. No programming skills needed, no coding or CSS required, no hassle! All you have to do is provide details about your business based on the online form we provide. Best of all, FloriaIBD.com is FREE.


By listing with FloridaIBD.com, you will get the chance to present your business to the vast online world. Every listing includes the following:


          - Business name and contact persons

          - Nature of business or services

          - Business address and contact numbers

          - Website and email addresses

          - Google map of your location

          - One-page website


Giving Businesses the Online Presence They Deserve 


FloridaIBD.com aims to become the largest and most comprehensive online directory of local and small businesses in Florida – where people can get the products or services they need with just a few clicks and where business owners can promote their businesses.


Online presence is not cheap. There are companies and websites that offer online presence for at least $1,000 and yet they cannot promise to deliver the results you want for your business. FloridaIBD.com gives you the online presence for free. All you have to do is input the details of your business or products and you will get the web presence that you need in an instant.


About Florida 


As of 2010, Florida has a Gross Domestic Product of $478 billion, making it the fourth largest economy in the entire United States. In 2011, the state was named as the third best state for business because of its business-friendly atmosphere and the various companies that established headquarters or branches in Florida.


The state government of Florida provides comprehensive guide and assistance to individuals who are planning to put up small businesses in any of the cities that comprise this beautiful southeastern state. It also offers tax  incentives and grants for qualified small businesses.


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