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About Fort Myers Water Heater Repair

Our expert service technicians are experienced and trained at water heater troubleshooting and replacement. We are experts in problem solving when it comes to your water heater. Whether you have a leak, a bad coil or element, or any other problem, we can help. We install and repair water heaters. including conventional gas, electric and tankless hot water heaters. We offer exceptional service for all your water heater needs. A water heater is easy to forget about until there’s a problem. But when something is wrong, it can be a big problem, you can't take a hot shower or wash your dishes or clothes. We have the experience you need to be sure your water heater problems will be taken care of effectively and efficiently. • Does your water heater rumble? • Does a rotten egg smell come from the hot water? • Is your water heater not producing enough hot water? • We see these problems every day and can advise you in the least expensive correction for your water heater. Hot Water Heater Services Our certified technicians are experts in water heater installation and repair services and will help you choose the best option for your home, family or business. We offer repair or replacement services for all types of water heating solutions including: • Gas hot water heaters • Electric hot water heaters • Tankless water heaters • Commercial and residential water heater service Call today to see how our friendly and professional staff can help you. Water Heater Installation Most water heaters will provide warning signals before failing, such as exhibiting corrosion or rust, not providing enough hot water, or water being dirty or smelling foul. If you notice any of these warning signs your should consider a replacements. During your installation, your service technician will provide the following services: • Bring the new water heater to your home. • Determine the work that needs to be performed and inform you if any added charges are applicable. • Install the water heater and haul the old unit away. • Thoroughly clean the job site. Water Heater Repair Services In some cases, your water heater may just have a defective part that needs to be repaired or replaced. Our technicians are experts in all water heater makes and models, so no matter whether your system is gas, electric, tankless or solar we can handle any problem you may be experiencing. Why Would I Repair My Water Heater? Sediment buildup is the most common issue that affects water heaters. When the water is heated, limescale, and other minerals like magnesium build up along the tank walls. If these minerals are not filtered out of the water heater they form a barrier on the burner and can affect your hot water heaters performance. What’s the best way to fix this? Call Fort Myers Water Heater today to schedule your water heater inspection. In addition to inspecting for sediment buildup, you should check your water heater’s burner every now and then. The flame should be blue with yellow tips. If it appears more yellow-orange, this is a sign of incomplete burning which could lead to not only poor water heater performance, but also the production of deadly carbon monoxide! Don’t put your family at risk – if your water heater isn’t burning properly, call Fort Myers Water Heaters for water heater repair right away! When Should I Replace My Water Heater? Most hot water heaters will last around eight to 12 years. Once they’ve been around for this long, they start to lose their efficiency and become more prone to problems. Most people wait until their water heater has catastrophically failed before shopping around for a replacement water heater, there are benefits to upgrading your unit before it dies! Water heaters are among the top energy users in your home, in many cases accounting for as much as 25 percent of your home’s energy use. As they get older and less efficient, this number climbs even higher, and the units get more and more expensive to operate. Don’t wait until your hot water heater fails or becomes inefficient before you consider a replacement. Many options exist today that will not only keep your home running comfortably but also save you money.


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