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The difference between VitalRemedyMD supplements and many other products comes down to VitalRemedyMD’s founder, Seth J. Baum, MD. Dr. Baum got his start in the supplement business after many years as a preventive cardiologist. He had performed more than his fair share of stents and angioplasties, and soon enough realized that there had to be a better way – a better way to head off disease and illness at the pass, rather than treating it once it had already taken hold in the patient’s body. Part of his approach was to create VitalRemedyMD. Unlike other nutritional supplements, every product made by VitalRemedyMD is grounded in solid science. There are no old wives’ tales or folk medicine to be found here. Instead, VitalRemedyMD carefully follows the medical literature. Their team of scientists and doctors use solid scientific research to develop nutritional supplements, like VitalOils1000 (pictured to the left), that are designed to target and assist specific areas of the body as well as overall health and wellness. Even better, Dr. Baum and the rest of the team are dedicated to patient education and understanding. They don’t just want to provide top-quality omega-3 fish oil pills and other vitamins and nutritional supplements, they want to help you understand how they work and how they might work for you.


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